CART ITEMS NOT ON HOLD- Items in your cart are NOT SAVED.  Only once you have completed your checkout, is it officially yours.  For example: if three people have the same mug in their cart, the first person to checkout will get it, and for the other two shoppers the mug will become unavailable / no longer be in their carts ): this is a bummer, I know.  I'm always trying my best to make more of the pieces that sell the fastest, and if they sell fast I'm likely to continue making that design!  If you miss out on a hot piece, I'm sorry and I understand that it is disappointing. Please know there will be more in the next restock!

"CAN I CREATE A CUSTOMER ACCOUNT FOR A FASTER CHECK OUT?"- This website platform is great for making my work accessible across North America, but unfortunately does not have the option of creating a customer account.  It is best to check out the previews before a sale to know what piece you're interested in and where to find it.

"TAX, WHAT'S THE DEAL?"- Being a small business in British Columbia Canada means I need to collect PST (provincial sales taxes 7%) on any sales within my province, but not in others. The only problem is my website platform does not offer different province to province tax calculations. Sooo long story short, a 7% tax will be applied on all CANADIAN purchases, and I will refund that 7% charge to anyone shopping from Alberta to Newfoundland Labrador and Yukon to Nunavut. Refunds will be processed once items are packed for post, in case there are any postage overage refunds needed. Thanks for your kindness and understanding.

"I'M AT YOUR WEB ADDRESS AND IT'S RESTOCK DAY, BUT I CAN’T GET INTO THE SITE/ SEE ANY PRODUCTS?"- My site is unavailable for 30 minutes before a restock to adjust inventory. If you are at minutes or even seconds before the stated restock time, you will need to hit REFRESH on your device when the hand strikes the hour for the stated restock time. Once it reloads the site will be back open with all new inventory available for purchase.


QUANTITY ONE- Every mug and tumbler has its own listing (Quantity: 1), with the nature of ceramics and glazes every piece has its own uniqueness and this way you see photos of the exact piece you're ordering. 

*Some earrings and paint palettes are listed with multiple quantities as they can be more uniform in nature


RESTOCKS, AVAILABILITY- Every piece is handmade by myself.  In addition to pottery I am a mom to a couple of lovely littles, so my ceramics production is currently part time. Restocks are roughly every 6-7 weeks. Due to the small nature of my pottery business, my pieces are only available for purchase through my website and a few markets a year on island.  At this time I do not offer wholesaling and I am unable to be open for custom orders or pre orders. Thank you for your understanding.


NEWSLETTER- Sign up for my NEWSLETTER if you'd like to receive emails about upcoming restock days.  In addition, any info regarding upcoming markets or pop up shops would be included (Vancouver Island based, one in winter and one in summer). The newsletter sign up can be found at my website